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Engineering, Construction and Technology

What do the wheel, the Eiffel Tower and the Apple iPad all have in common? They all had visionaries and leaders with the skills and determination to see the projects through from the creation phase to delivery stage.
No other industries can compare to the level of creation and advancement that these three practices have provided to the world; but to truly succeed these crafts require strong teams of highly skilled employees who are both specialists in their field of practice and are versatile enough to deal with the day to day issues of creating a revolution.

So what makes us different?

It is your skills and experience that determine who you are both professionally and in your personal life, and we pride ourselves in understanding your abilities and desires in both these areas to ensure that we make the right fit.
We also draw on industry experience to recognize your achievements; most other agencies fail to understand the “lefty loosey - righty tighty” rule, how would they begin to understand your achievements and capabilities?

Pushing the boundaries

It’s no secret that the Middle East is one of the world leaders in the development of Construction, Engineering and a Technological revolution; and the focus of global investors. We recognize the growing demand for specialists to ensure that these projects are completed to internationally recognised standards and that the region continues to attract investment.
We follow the local markets with a keen eye, and understand that development often takes place in countries and regions that most others would not venture. By keeping our finger on the pulse of the Middle East market, we are constantly looking for signs that could assist our clients in finding markets with future potential.
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