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Where it all began – A little bit of reflection goes a long way

It all started with an informal, but passionate discussion between some recruitment professionals and some friends who had worked with recruitment firms in the past. Let’s just say it wasn’t all positive. We realised that the recruitment process hadn’t changed much since the advent of email, but the quality of delivering those services had actually got weaker, not stronger. All the local and global groups alike had been focusing on competing by volume and price. There is nothing wrong with being competitively priced as a business strategy, but you can’t just be competitively priced.
We set about to create a service based on excellence in delivery, ethics and professional pride, but most importantly to deliver a service that was wanted and needed by you, our clients.
Our clients told us that they were consistently expected to juggle more balls, were under constant pressure, and the last thing they wanted to do was to read ten CVs, nine of which were terrible, and the one guy they did ask for interview turned up to the wrong building and thought that he was applying for a CEO position.
Thus on the simple idea of getting back to excellence of delivery, and with the help of our investors (www.brainnox.com) who have shared, financed and encouraged our ideas along with integrating their own interim management firm “Manager Forces”, The Gulf Recruitment Group was born.
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